Here is how your club can benefit from an alliance with Premier Publishing:

  • We provide each of our clients with a professional photographer free of charge for a one-day shoot. As it is your brochure we only take the photographs you want and the areas of the club (internal and external) you wish to be featured and you have the final say on those which appear in the brochure. The library of stock photos can then be passed over for the club to use however you see fit, again at no cost to you.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our editorial, which is produced by professionally-qualified writers to exacting standards. Note that the brochure will profile your establishment in the way you wish it to be profiled. We will liaise with your key members of staff relating to subject matter (history, facilities, membership categories, catering, visitor and group offers, tuition, catering, weddings and functions, corporate clients - all can be covered). You have the final say on wording to ensure the editorial delivers precisely the message you are looking to convey. No two clubs are identical and no two of our brochures will look, read or feel the same. It is this attention to detail that sets us apart and leaves you with a publication of which you can be justly proud.
  • We have a team of outstanding designers at our disposal who are expert in what they do but who at the same time are flexible and willing to embrace new ideas. Because your designer will lay out both the editorial content and the related advertising in your brochure, it will ensure the publication has a consistent feel from glossy front cover to back.
  • The brochure is printed to the very highest coffee-table quality to ensure retention, thereby maximising the exposure for you and your advertisers.
  • Our printers are 100 per cent reliable, delivering publications on time and to budget although the printing costs, as mentioned, are our concern, not yours.
  • Our sales process significantly raises the profile of the club and projects its name out into the local business community. It could generate you business leads and contacts and put your club in the minds of executives who just might be looking for innovative new ways to motivate their staff or promote their new product launch. Think corporate membership. Think golf or sailing days. Think website advertising. Think seminars and conferences. Your golfing/sailing and clubhouse operation may or may not be set up for this, but even if not at the very least it is free advertising.
  • Many of your members may be people who run their own businesses. We offer them the opportunity to profile their companies to other members at special partner rates significantly reduced from those on our rate card.
  • The brochure will profile functions and facilities offered by your club which are not necessarily marketed by other publications that you offer.

The net result? A quality publication produced by professionals for your club at no cost to you and with as much or as little input from you as you desire.

It sounds too good to be true, but it's a fact and others are benefiting right now. Want to get involved? Then join the club!