How Premier Publishing works for sports clubs

In short, sports clubs get a premium quality publication showcasing all that is good about their club for no outlay to them whatsoever. We consult to gather your initial thoughts, write the editorial, take the photographs, design the brochure, sell the advertisements, check you are completely happy before we go to press, print the brochure and distribute in your locality as well as providing additional copies to the club to use as it sees fit.

The brochure could be employed to drive new business and hand out to prospective new members, as a business tool to promote areas of the club that the local community might be unaware of or as professionally-produced, attention-grabbing promotional material to hand out to prospective corporate members or sponsors. So not only is there no financial outlay for the club itself, this publication can actually be used as a means of attracting new business and generating extra revenue!

Because we adhere to a tried-and-trusted formula which we know works (and works very well) sporting clubs have to do little more than sign up to the Premier philosophy.

Short-staffed and pushed for time? No matter, after an initial liaison over content and design, our club contacts are able to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge we will see their project through to fruition.

The investment in dollar terms to our clubs is zero. The investment in time terms can be almost as minimal. The result when all the component parts come together, however, will be richly rewarding and one whose benefits are tangible.

How Premier Publishing works for advertisers

The face of the corporate world has changed in recent years. No business can afford to squander precious resources. Everywhere, companies are looking to make savings and ensure they get a return for every last cent.

Belt tightening is all well and good, but you still need to grow your brand, or - for market leaders - ensure retention of the healthy position currently enjoyed. Standing still is simply not an option.

With Premier Publishing advertisers can be confident they are getting full value for their corporate dollar. Unlike leaflets, or newspaper advertisements, because the brochure is a quality publication it has a far longer shelf life, intended to be between 12 and 18 months.

A publication with such longevity means it is picked up time and time again - meaning multiple and continual exposure for your advertisement for just one affordable initial outlay.

In each individual club brochure advertising exclusivity to your specific trade or business sector means you fully reap the rewards, rather than risk diluting the message and sharing the benefits with a competitor.

The brochure is also published online, introducing your business to a whole new group of clients, thereby potentially generating new contacts and revenue.

Opportunity awaits. Aligning yourself in partnership with Premier Publishing could be one of the smartest business decisions you will make this or any other year.